No one likes having a dent on their car—especially if it is a large dent. Unfortunately, a visit to an auto body repair shop may not be feasible. The good news is that you may not have to drive around with the dent. With a little patience and some knowledge, you can remove a dent in your vehicle, without damaging the paint.

How can you do this? With the paint-less dent removal method.

Can This Method Remove Any Dent?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. 

This method is only viable on shallow dents. The good news is that the dent can be any size—large or small—as long as it is shallow. In general, this method can remove any dent that is about the size of a golf ball; however, as mentioned previously, its success varies by size, depth, and placement.

How To Use This Method

If you want to remove a dent using this method, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Examine the dent. Visually examine the dent and ensure that there are no chips or cracks in the paint. If the paint is chipped, you should not use this method. If the paint is still intact, continue with the following steps.
  2. Remove the inside panel. If the dent is located on the door of the vehicle, use a screwdriver to remove the inside panel—as this is where you will work your magic. If the dent is located on the hood or trunk, open it—so that you can work from the inside out.
  3. Prepare the dent. Once the inside panel is off (or the trunk/hood is open) wet the dent with a wet cloth and apply a small dab of regular dish soap to the dent. This will keep the dent lubricated during the removal process.
  4. Use a plunger. Place a regular household plunger over the center of the dent. Press the plunger up and down—the same way you would when unclogging a drain. Continue the up and down motion for 1-5 minutes and release.
  5. Repeat as necessary. If the dent is still visible, repeat the process until the dent is gone.
  6. Clean up. Finally, use a clean cloth to remove any residue from the water and soap.

Please note: You can use this method on the exterior of the car as well.

If you try this method and the dent just won't budge, you will need to take your car to one of your local auto body shop.