If you recently drove through some fresh road paint and the paint splattered up on your vehicle, you need to do more than just wash your car to remove the road paint and protect the paint job on your vehicle.

Lacquer Thinner

Your first option is to use some lacquer thinner to remove the road paint from your vehicle. Make sure that the bottle you use specifically states that it is lacquer thinner. Other types of thinners can damage the paint on your vehicle.

First off, you will want to dab some lacquer thinner onto a towel and test it out in an inconspicuous area of your car to make sure it will not damage your paint. You can rub some under the lid of your trunk or inside of a door. Wait ten to fifteen minutes. If the paint is okay, then you can use the lacquer thinner to remove the road paint from your car.

Apply some more lacquer thinner to a towel. Then wipe the thinner onto the road paint and let the thinner sit for at least five minutes. After five minutes, you should be able to take the towel with the lacquer thinner and wipe off the road paint. If any remains, you should repeat this process.

Clay Detailing Bar

Your second option is to use a clay detailing bar to remove the road paint from your vehicle. You can purchase a clay detailing bar at your local auto parts store.

Take the bar and run it across the paint in one direction repeatedly. As you rub the clay bar over the road paint, you will notice that the paint will start to slowly chip off.

You may also notice that bits of clay may come off the bar as well. This is completely normal and is how the bar is designed to work.

If the spot is small and the road paint is thin, it should only take you ten or fifteen minutes to remove the road paint. However, if there is a lot of road paint on your vehicle or the road paint is really thick, it could take you up to an hour or more to remove all the road paint.

Wash Your Car

No matter what method you choose, once you are done, you should thoroughly wash your vehicle using car washing soap. It would also be smart to apply some car polish to the area that you just cleaned. This will give your car back its shine. If the damage to your car is too severe for you to handle, take it to a shop such as M.R. Automotive to see what can be done.