When you are on a lake with a boat that breaks down, it can be difficult to know what to do. If you are able to get the boat to shore, you can call a towing company to come and tow your boat back to the dock where your boat trailer is located. Use the following guide to learn what information the towing company needs to know in order to be able to tow your boat.


The towing company needs to know the type of boat that needs to be towed to ensure that they bring the right trailer for the job. A pontoon, fishing, and wakeboarding boat all take different types of trailers. In order for the boat to be able to fit on the trailer, it needs to be the one designed to carry that specific boat.


You need to let the associate from the towing company know how long the boat is. Fishing and wakeboarding boats come in many different lengths. The towing company needs to bring a trailer that is long enough to be able to easily tow the boat that needs to be towed. If you do not know the length of the boat, you can look for a label on the inside of the deck that dictates the capacity of the boat. On the label, the size, make, and model for the boat should be listed.


The towing company will need to know the location of the boat. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they have to know the name of the dock or shore where the boat washed ashore. That is not the case at all though. You can turn on the GPS on your phone or your fish finder and get the exact coordinates for your location. The tow truck driver can then plug those coordinates into a GPS and find out exactly where your boat is located.

No one will be able to ride in the boat while it is being towed by the tow truck. You need to make plans for any riders to wait for whoever will be driving the truck that has the boat trailer to return and pick everyone up from the shore. The tow truck can tow the boat to a repair shop if you do not have a trailer for it; however, you may have to pay to rent the boat trailer from the company.

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