Most people aren't aware of the sheer number of different services that towing companies offer. Even in cases where you might think you're completely stuck and without hope of assistance, towing companies are more than able to fix whatever might be wrong with your vehicle. Take a look at the three kinds of towing services you'll want to keep in mind next time your travel plans go awry.

Off-Road Recovery

If you live in a rural area, driving your 4x4 vehicle off the road is likely a daily necessity. Even if you live in an urban or suburban area, you might find yourself driving off-road during summer holidays in more mountainous terrain. So if you find yourself broken down while off the beaten path, what solutions are available? Luckily, many towing companies specialize in recovering 4x4 vehicles that have broken down while off a main road. There's no risk of further damaging the vehicle, and though you might have to wait a while for a truck to reach you, it certainly beats any alternative. 


Even if you rarely go off-road, chances are that inclement weather and poor road conditions might conspire to leave you stuck in mud, snow or a pothole hidden underneath a good deal of both. Thankfully, towing companies are more than capable of helping you get unstuck and back on the road as quickly as possible. Using a winch with a strong wire cable, tow trucks can pull almost any vehicle out of what otherwise would have been a hopeless situation. Even larger commercial vehicles can be pulled out of mud or snow with a heavy duty winch. 

Boom Towing

The average hook and chain tow truck can solve most towing problems. But sometimes a more creative solution is necessary. If you're ever unfortunate enough to crash through a roadside barrier and into a deep ditch, a traditional tow truck is fairly useless--and that's where boom tow trucks come in. Boom tow trucks feature a boom arm that can literally lift a car back onto the road, where it can then be taken to a servicing center. Boom tow trucks are also invaluable in major accidents that involve multiple cars spread out over the width of a highway. So if you hydroplane off the road during the rainy season, or spin into a ditch after contact with black ice, be sure to specifically request a boom tow truck.

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