Often drivers want their vehicle windows tinted because they love the look of darker windows. They may enjoy the privacy and protection from glare that window tint provides. Tinted windows can also provide a more important service. For some motorists, tinted windows can offer relief from medical conditions that cause photophobia. If you suffer from light-sensitive illnesses, you should explore window tinting for your vehicle.


Although migraines can be triggered by many different things, including weather changes, certain foods, and some alcoholic beverages, light can also be the culprit.  The 30-60% of migraine victims who suffer from light sensitivity can benefit from low-glare lights in the workplace and wearing protective gear such as sunglasses. Car window tinting is also a good way to reduce glare and prevent the onset of debilitating migraines. You will need to check local laws to see how dark your window tint can be. Law enforcement officers need to be able to see into vehicles for their safety and yours, so many areas have laws limiting the amount of tinting your vehicle's windows can have. However, some municipalities may allow you to have darker windows if your doctor prescribes them for a legitimate medical condition such as migraines.


Extreme sensitivity to light is also a symptom of various eye conditions. Some medications can cause this problem, including quinine, tetracycline, and belladonna. If you will be routinely taking a medicine that afflicts you with light sensitivity, having your auto windows tinted may offer you relief.  Surprisingly, some people are actually allergic to sunlight. A few others may have rare genetic conditions that can cause photophobia as well. These sufferers can also benefit from window tinting. 

Skin Cancer

Your car windows constantly expose you to harmful UV rays, which are the cause of 90% of all skin cancers. You are particularly vulnerable to sun damage through the driver's window, with that side of your body possibly receiving six times more UV rays than the passenger side does. Tinted windows can greatly decrease the amount of ultraviolet radiation that you receive while driving. 

Having your vehicle's windows tinted can be more than a convenience. Tinted windows can help you manage medical conditions that are light-sensitive. If you suffer from photophobia or simply want to protect yourself from UV rays, having your windows tinted can help. You will need to check local laws to find out how much tinting is legal, although in some instances, a doctor's prescription can make you an exception to the law. 

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