When you set out on the road for a trip in the cold months of winter, you never know what the weather may bring your way. Even though a towing company is always just a phone call away, it is always a good idea to be prepared for a winter driving emergency. A tow truck may be able to help, but that does not mean that they will be able to make it immediately if the weather is bad enough. To make sure that you could get by just fine if you were to get stranded in your car in the snow and cold, there are a few seemingly unusual things you should have in your emergency kit--in a jar! 

Emergency Candles in a Jar

Candles serve a dual purpose in emergency situations: They can provide both light and heat. Candles are awesome to have even in a stranded driver emergency because they last for many hours without the need for a power source, like batteries or electricity. In a small space, candles can actually offer up a good amount of heat as well. Even small candles can help you keep your hands warm and toasty if nothing else. Make sure the candles that you add to your winter vehicle emergency kit are clean burning, lead-free and in a jar for easy containment. 

A Jar of Peanut Butter 

Toss a jar of peanut butter in your emergency kit and don't worry about odd looks from the rest of the household when you do. During winter storm Thor of 2015, some drivers were stuck on the side of the road for as long as 11 hours waiting on help to arrive to pull them out of their predicaments. Eleven hours is a long time to go without anything to eat and peanut butter would be something you would be rightly grateful for if you were stranded for several hours. Full of protein, sugar, and carbohydrates, peanut butter is filling and will provide you with enough energy to get through several hours of waiting if you have to.  

An Empty Jar 

A few bottles of water will only go so far in an emergency situation, but if you are surrounded by snow, you could potentially have all of the water you need. Use an empty glass jar to scoop up fresh fallen snow and bring it in the car with you to melt. Within a short amount of time you will have suitable drinking water to help you and your passengers sustain until help comes your way. Contact a business, such as Double L Towing, for more information.