Have you decided to get new brakes for your car because the warning light is always on? Before you invest in new brakes, you might want to make sure the warning light is not on because a simple repair is needed. Take a look at the article below to learn what can go wrong with the brakes in a car that might lead to the warning light staying on. 

Brakes That Are Weaker Than Usual

If you have to start slowing down your car long before you reach traffic lights in order for it to stop in time, it might mean that the brake pads are worn out. The problem can also occur when there is not a sufficient amount of brake fluid in your vehicle to help them function to the fullest extent. If there is a decent amount of brake fluid in the car, the problem may stem from it being contaminated. You must get contaminated fluid changed in a timely manner because it can lead to the brakes breaking all the way down. 

Vibrations When Pressing Down on the Brakes

There are various things that can lead to brakes vibrating when they are pressed. One of the worst reasons for the problem is when the wheels are not properly aligned. Misaligned wheels are dangerous because they can lead to your vehicle constantly drifting to the side unless you keep a strong hold on the steering wheel. Worn out brake pads or front suspension can also lead to the brakes vibrating. The best way to get to the root of the problem is to get the brakes inspected by a mechanic so you won't waste money on a repair that isn't needed.   

Multiple Problems from Normal Wear & Tear

If your brakes are experiencing multiple problems at the same time, it might be time for you to get them replaced altogether because they are simply old. You might also notice that your brakes are quickly becoming unresponsive when they need of being replaced from normal wear and tear. For instance, your car might start taking longer to slow down as the brakes continue to wear out. Don't continue driving your car if the brakes become unresponsive, as they can go out at any given time. Take your car to a mechanic's shop (such as Calgary auto repair) when you get time so he or she can find out why the brake warning light doesn't go off.